Oranges from Skala Laconia

Skala Laconia


Skala, is a town located in the Southern Peloponnese in the prefecture of Laconia, in the fertile valley crossed by the Evrotas river.

Given the favorable climate year round and the abundance of water, it is an ideal place to grow citrus fruits of exceptional quality.

The unique quality of the cultivated oranges, specifically in the area of Skala Laconia, with its exceptional biodiversity of the valley, offers the possibility of producing oranges all year round (365 days) and therefore, it is anything but coincidentally named the "Garden of Europe".

Greece GMO Free

Greece, the only European country with all its 54 prefectures entirely covered by GMO-free areas and the region of Laconia is gaining its reputation as the largest Agricultural prefecture marked GMO free regions. Thus, in Greece there are no GMO cultivations. *

It is not by chance that a country so small is so fortunate to be blessed with a myriad of wild flora and fauna by Mother Nature. These is the overall green wealth, recognized worldwide for its excellent agriculture production of quality products of many well known superior products like Fruits and Vegetables, Olive oil, Olives, Wine, Dairy Products, Confectionery, Krokos, Mastiha etc.,.

The region of Laconia, popular in producing only first quality Agricultural products and we take pride of our established reputation working in the premier food growing region with soil fertility and lots of sunshine and most importantly GMO free zone **


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