Oranges from Skala Laconia

fresh oranges

Oranges are mainly eaten fresh, but can be used in the production of orange juice, preserves, chutneys, jellies, jams or tossed in a sweet and savory green salad.

The most common types of oranges used to produce orange juice are the Valencia type orange and Navel oranges due to their large size and because they are seedless.

No matter which orange you prefere we promise you will feel awakened, energetic and happy after each glass of fresh sqeezed juice! Cheers to good health every morning!


Valencia - APR to OCT. A late variety orange that comes from Spain and has been established in many countries worldwide. The oranges are of medium to large and almost spherical in shape. The peel is of medium thickness and smooth. The fruits have few or no seeds and are very juicy, tasty and slightly acidic. Availability from April to October in a quantity of thousands of tons.

Lane Late - MAR to JUN. The oranges of this variety are spherical, medium to large in size with increased juice content, without seeds. Harvest begins in early March and lasts until early June.

Merlin - DEC to MAY. Very productive trees, with quality and sweet-tasting oranges, large size. Harvest availability beginning of December. The fruits are very hardy on the trees and can remain until May.

Navalina - NOV to APR Early harvest oranges with availability from November till April. The oranges are of medium size and excellent quality and seedless.

Orange production year round

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