Oranges from Skala Laconia

The Marinakos family

The Marinakos family is a long time family business cultivating oranges since 1960s in Skala Laconia. The dynamics of the company is enough to supply both the domestic and the global market with high quality oranges from our privately owned estates as well as from respective like-minded producers whose production quality follows our standards, in order to satisfy even the most demanding customers, raising the standards of quality even higher in the marketplace.

The newest generation and specifically Panagiotis Marinakos has followed the steps of the family and cultivates oranges in line with his primary profession as a orthopaedic doctor. As then and today, the main concern of the family is the production of the best possible quality fruit. ORANGES from Skala Laconia the place where it all started 60 years ago.

"A family heritage traced back many years and till this day, I continue to work faithful with the best agronomists in the area of Skala Laconia to assure the high quality of our oranges and lovingly monitoring any improvements and/or progress in my cultivated area of the Laconic land."   Panagiotis Marinakos


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