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Oranges: The king of the citrus world for freshly squeezed juice. Medium-sized to large, with a distinctive bright color.

Lane Late

Oranges: After season, they are large fruits and very delicious. Preferred in areas without frost. 


Oranges: Of large size with a sweet taste. The fruit can be retained on the tree several months after ripening.


Oranges: Of early harvest. They are juicy and seedless and can withstand winds more than other citrus varieties.

The orange, is the most popular citrus tree in the world that we all love for its healthy properties, especially its Vitamin C content ( fresh OJ juice ) which is highly consumed on a daily basis in different parts around the world. The oranges depending on the variety, can be consumed fresh from the tree, eaten with meals, tossed in salads, freshly squeezed, as a dessert, homemade jam or as a dried fruit, capturing all its flavours and nutrients for use anytime of the day.


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Why our oranges

fresh oranges

Our Oranges are grown under the Greek hot sun all year round

They are sweeter and juicer

Our oranges are in production almost all year round

Their peel has antioxidant compounds that can be used as food additives of natural origin or in pharmaceutical supplements

GMO free


The region of Laconia, popular in producing only first quality Agricultural products and we take pride of our established reputation working in the premier food growing region with soil fertility and lots of sunshine and most importantly having GMO free zone.

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